After a series of postponements due to the Corona Pandemic, CLAT 2020 was finally conducted on 28th September 2020 between 2 pm and 4 pm.

CLAT 2020 though was as predicted but it did surprise the aspirants with its overall length. Some passages were lengthier than expected, the Current Awareness section was a little tricky and one set in the Quantitative section was extremely tough.

Now, we come to a detailed analysis of the sections.

English: This section was mostly on the standard pattern. Questions from Grammar were missing but there were some questions on Contextual Vocabulary. Questions in Reading Comprehension were Specific Detail and Inference based. Overall, this section was Easy to Moderate.

Logical Reasoning: One plus point with this section was that the passages revolved around current topics, so the aspirants saved time on understanding. Analytical Reasoning questions were limited but Logical Reasoning had questions based on Assumption, Inference, Strengthen, Weaken, etc. Overall, this section was of a Moderate level of difficulty.

Legal Reasoning: The passages of Legal reasoning were on predictable issues like Act of God, Strict and Absolute Liability, etc., the hypothetical questions were a little tedious. There was a set on Assertion-Reason which was tricky. Overall, we can term this section to be Moderate to Difficult.

Current Affairs including GK: Current Affairs questions needed a deeper understanding of issues. Questions were more of an Analytical nature than factual. Aspirants who have a habit of being in touch with news would have had a distinct advantage. Questions were from Atmanirbhar Bharat, Rafale, etc. This section could be termed as Difficult.

Quantitative Techniques: This was the biggest surprise of CLAT 2020. The section was certainly difficult with one set being a little too difficult to one’s liking.

Overall, we can say that the paper was of Moderate level, and a score of 105-108 with an attempt at 120-130 questions would be enough for the Top 3 NLUs. A score of over 99 would be good enough for the top ten NLUs.

A tabular representation is given below

Section No. of Questions Good Attempts Level of Difficulty
English 30 25-26 Easy to Moderate
Logical Reasoning 30 25-26 Moderate
Legal Reasoning 39 28-29 Moderate
Current Awareness 36 19-21 Difficult
Quantitative Aptitude 15 7-9 Difficult
Total 150 120-130 Moderate



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