Life At Law College

As you begin…

The first year at Law College prepares you more on general subjects like General Legal English, History, and Economics, along with a few core subjects like Law of contracts and torts. Later the subjects get more specialized.

Read, read and develop an affinity for reading to keep yourself updated with the latest developments in the legal world
Law Study At Library

As you move along…

And as you carry on with your academics, you will get the experience of Moot courts, parliamentary debates, seminars and conferences which will not only sharpen your oratory skills but also prepare you for presentations and courtroom proceedings. Not only this, visit by guest lecturers, informal gatherings and exchange of ideas will also be an enriching experience.

Speak, speak, and speak! To be successful in moot courts one needs to work strongly on oratory skills, strategy, research, and team spirit. For mastering this art, you need to start speaking with those who have won previous moots and get tips from them. Watching moot videos can also be a good idea.
When knowledge meets practice…

The areas for an internship as a budding lawyer are many. Right from practicing in a court to working in corporates, media or law firms, one needs to choose one’s area of specialization wisely.  Internships are a very important part of law studies as they help you decide your career as a lawyer.

Internships are like snorting hats of Harry Potter. You try them on, and they will tell you whether you belong there or not.
And there is fun as you go along…

Life at Law College is not only about studies because it is believed that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Therefore, the law college calendar is marked by the fests, parties, and intercultural and sports events. Not only this, there are surprise birthday parties, and picnics which keeps half a decade at law college full of energy and enthusiasm.

Never leave even one chance to take part in such activities and enjoy your stay at the law college

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